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My 2 Role Models

Felicia Day (Actress)

This gorgeous girl is not only a brilliant scriptwriter and a great actress but also a total maths nerd and video game geek. She holds two university degrees: mathematics and music performance.

Similarly to what I said about Captain Kirk from Star Trek, she proves that you can be smart, beautiful and creative at the same time. But she also is a girl, so she inspires me even more.

What I like about her is that she is an actress who starts projects of her own. She inspired me to write a play, and guess what? We represented it this year in my school. And that was the day I discovered I loved to be on stage.

She proves to be a great singer in Joss Whedon’s Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, which I highly recommend you watch. She is also the writer and main actress of the web series The Guild, which is about a group of MMO (Massive multiplayer online role-playing games) players.

I highly enjoy all of her performances and I want to grow up to be more like her.

Bertrand Piccard (Psychiatrist and Balloonist)

Piccard was, along with Brian Jones, the first to complete a non-stop balloon flight around the world. This amazed me because what people do mostly is to beat previous records. Few people are “firsts” these days, specially in something as old as ballooning!

He wants to repeat the adventure, but this time on solar-powered plane designed and constructed by his team. He says that this is to prove that we can rely on solar power for everything. That if we can fly one man around the world today, it’s just a matter of time to fly two hundred. And no one could ever say again that it is impossible to get rid of our dependency on fossil fuels.

The project is called Solar Impulse and dubbed “a great human adventure”. On the Solar Impulse website, you can read a fantastic Jules Verne quote: “All that is impossible remains to be achieved”.

It deeply inspires me that there are people like Bertrand Piccard in the world, innovating and pushing the human race forward. I sincerely hope he and his team succeed and prove their plane can work day and night on solar power.

Honouring the name of this blog, I’ve purchased their set of badges, or the “adventurer” package on their website (you can also personalize a solar cell or write your name on the plane). They’re awesome!

Check out his incredible talk on TED.

I want to be like him when I grow up. Actually, I’m getting a small craft pilot licence as soon as I’m old enough to do so.

But what’s the lesson you can learn from both? They do what they love. Unless you do what you love, you have zero chances of success. At least, of this kind of success: the kind that leaves a mark and inspires others to do the same.

If you are a parent, I encourage you to present this kind of people to your children as role models instead of what they usually get from TV: Hanna Montana, Lady Gaga, etc. It really makes a difference.


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Places I Like: The Wood

Bamboo forest, somewhere in the world.

Maybe it is the way the random dispositions of the trees suggest paths to follow. Maybe it’s the uncertainty of not knowing how deep it is, or the excitement of finding out what’s on the other side.  Be it for one reason or another, forests are awesome.

When I go to a forest sometimes I carry a GPS device like my phone to know how to get out of it. Sometimes I don’t, because as I said, the trees suggest paths. When I don’t, I carry pen and paper and make my own map of the forest, using the “weird trees”, rocks or anything non-tree as reference points. It’s great. I did this while growing up on Uruguay with my two best friends. We made a map of a huge forest near to our houses and buried some “treasures” on it. I still keep the map and will go look for what we buried someday, mostly because I can’t remember what it was 🙂

Another great thing to do in a forest is explore and see what you find. You can do that everywhere, to be fair. A wood is just one more awesome place to explore: think of all the fascinating plants and animals! Also, a forest is a great place to hide things, so it’s possible that people have hidden things in there 😉

Above you can see the photo of a bamboo forest: you can’t deny the beauty of the scenery, specially in winter. Check out some of the forests I want to visit around the world:

Mysterious shoot of a forest in Alsace, France.

Can you imagine how many mysteries wait to be solved in this blurry woodland? Awesome!

Oak forest in Wisconsin, USA

What about this winter landscape? Has to be scary at night! I can imagine thousands of stories happening in that place.

Rainforest in Malaysia

So beautiful! I’ve always wanted to cross one of those little waterfalls. Rainforests are a great place to play and get inspired.

Hope you liked, thanks for reading! 🙂

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5 Steps to Adventure

It’s not hard, but you must look for them. I have come up with this formula I hope you dear readers will help me improve:

1. Have the right mindset:

You must have a desire for adventure, a child’s curiosity for what’s out there. You have to be an explorer.

2. Travel:

You will not get any excitement out of life by sitting quietly at home day after day. Although the further you go, the greater the sense of adventure; it’s perfectly fine to go exploring the nearest city. William Bolitho said “adventure must start with running away from home”.

3. Do not follow the crowds:

I can’t emphasize this point strongly enough. You do not get adventures by doing what everyone else does. A planned tour is nice but not an adventure: it’s a planned, safe, common activity. Go exploring. If something calls your attention ask questions, explore, figure out answers. Do not be a tourist.

4. Don’t go by yourself:

This is not a must, but will surely enrich your experience. Also, you don’t want to be alone if you get in serious trouble. A friend or loved one makes an excellent companion, although if you’re alone in your chosen destination it’s a great chance to make new friends. Also, a local may know some great places to go.

5. Say YES:

If someone offers you to go camping in the woods, to the beach, wherever, say yes. If someone is looking for an adventure partner, volunteer. Do not deny an activity because of these things:

-Not being good enough: People who ask you to go sailing with them truly do not care if you can tie a knot.

-Considering the activity boring: You never know if something is boring until you try.

-Not being what you usually do: Trying new stuff is one of the greatest things in life!

-Considering the activity too dangerous: Do a little research or ask someone who knows about the subject if you meet the physical requirements to be safe. If you do not, make that your new goal 🙂 However, you are probably exaggerating: If you can swim, crossing a river should be no trouble, and so on. Remember also that every adventure involves a little risk!

That was all, thanks for reading 🙂


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Adventure Jobs: Archaeologist: Fact or Fiction?

Not a quite real depiction of the job.

Indiana Jones makes this one sound like the most awesome job on Earth. Other fictional archaeologists include Charlotte Lewis from LOST or Lara Croft from the Tomb Rider franchise.

Why is archaeology so awesome?

If you are a Hollywood archaeologist, you should expect to get a whip, a battered hat and at least one gun. You are also very hot, smart and brave. You go to exotic locations and instead of sunbathing like a tourist would do in your place, you get into the jungle, the abandoned temple or the whatever, no matter how dangerous, and discover stuff no one else had before. You may also go to places nobody has been to for the last ten or twenty centuries!

No wonder this  job is associated with adventure. It has all the elements. But how much of it is actually real?

But how awesome archaeology really is?

The look:

Nobody will stop you from getting the Indiana Jones or Lara Croft look. You can get the clothes easily, and a couple hours a week on the gym would also help. You can also have a gun if you wish so, but you don’t want to shoot everyone who gets between you and your discovery because that is, well, murder.

Although maybe not as much as Indy or Lara, a job that involves so much physical activity will get you in shape.

The character:

“Brave and smart” are two core characteristics of adventurers in any profession.

Real experiences:

My mother used to be an archaeologist  until I was born, so I asked her about the fieldwork. She said you get to go to the exotic locations. You get to face dangerous animals, you get the exciting adventures. You get to cross rivers without the use of a bridge, and you get to explore a lot. And you’re an expert on it.

Of course, there is also the science part: using the scientific method, you determine where you should look for the bones and ancient artefacts. Later, you reconstruct the past based on what you found: how people used to live, what technologies they had, how the societies were structured… how cool is that?

My history teacher used to be an archaeologist until she got married(see a pattern here?), and her depiction of the profession doesn’t differ much from the above. You get adventures and cool discoveries. However, discoveries do not always come in the shape of a golden statue resting inside a temple. You will have to pick a shovel and dig, dig, dig.

I recommend reading this great article for more information on the subject.

Fact or Fiction job for adventurers?

FACT. Not as exciting as depicted in films and books, but comes as close as it’s possible in real life.

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What is an adventure?

A cold dictionary definition is “a wild and exciting undertaking”. But that’s all dictionaries know about adventures. Let’s ask the experts about the subject:

Helen Keller, educator who was born deaf and blind:

“Life is either a great adventure, or nothing”.

G.K. Chesterson, writer:

An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered.

Jacques Costeau, explorer and scientist:

“The impossible missions are the only ones which succeed.

Wilfred Peterson, writer:

A man practices the art of adventure when he breaks the chain of routine and renews his life through reading new books, traveling to new places, making new friends, taking up new hobbies and adopting new viewpoints

But the most perfect definition I’ve heard of this word is the one by Cornelius Hackl, the charming character from the film The Matchmaker(1958):

“The feeling of an adventure is when you’re in the middle of the big city and you say ‘Oh God I’m in the middle of an awful mess, I wish I was sitting quietly at home!’ And the sign that something is wrong with you is when you’re sitting quietly at home, wishing you were having an adventure.”

You have to watch this film.

We are all familiar with the fictional concepts of  ” the superhero”, “the one” and such. I’m a big fan of superheroes. But these tags have a dark side. They separate fiction from reality a bit too much. They make you think that in order to have an adventure, you have to either be the one, have superpowers or be lucky enough to encounter the alien ship that just crashed.

Those things don’t happen in real life. Therefore we think that adventures don’t happen in real life, to people like us. But films like The Matchmaker send the opposite message: you have to get your own adventures. That is exactly what Cornelius does. He says he’s going to have an adventure and gets moving. This is not an adventure film. It’s a film about adventure.

In this blog I will explore the lives of real and fictional adventurers who got their own fun: their character, lifestyle, professions and actions. What exactly makes them so special?

The musical version, Hello, Dolly!(1968) is great too:

Thanks for reading, have a good time!

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