About Me

I am a very naive 16-year-older (as of 2010) who thinks she can trick adolescence and retain her reason through all of her teen years. Four to go.

This blog is helping me do that in a way, because if it wasn’t because I have to arrange my thoughts and get to conclusions to hit the “publish” button, I’d be probably rambling endlessly in my mind about how absurd life is, how adults don’t understand me and other things my equally aged friends usually complain about.

I am a logical person. No blind faith here. You are allowed to joke about it with “Spock” and “Brennan”, but other nicknames are not allowed. I am interested in almost every area of knowledge, specially mathematics, astronomy, archaeology, history and linguistics. I also like writing, reading and painting. I wanted to learn piano this year but my mother said she didn’t want to hear any rehearsals.

But I have, as it is to be expected, a Mr. Hide who signs up for every adventure, loves getting dirty and was born to be wild. I had never allowed that part of my personality to develop because I was afraid of stepping out too much of my nerd comfort zone, but I can’t hold it any more. Now it’s just developing freely.

Given that I am afraid to lose my bookworm side that I consider to be so “me”, I have unconsciously managed to prevent both personalities from mixing. So now I am some sort of bookworm adventurer I guess.

Soon to be an adventurer archaeologist, however, because that’s what I will study when I grow up. I hope in the future to join the Explorer’s Club and make interesting contributions.

If you want to follow my academic and physical adventures, you can get them delivered by Email or a reader.

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